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SIMBA says “Pakistani mangoes rule!!!!!!

In its reply GABBAR SINGH agrees as “Have to agree. Your mangoes do rock and are head and shoulders above the rest.

Abdullah says “pakistan mangoes, probably the most underrated product that has ever existed.

Striver said “Nothing beats Pakistani mangoes!

“Mirza Ghalib, the famous Urdu and Persian poet from the 19th century, was a mango fiend. Once, pranksters offered him rotten mangoes, which he ate. People laughed. "Inhe to gadhe bhi nahi khaate. [Even donkeys wouldn't eat these.]"

"Gadhe hi hain jo aam nahi khate, [Those who don't' eat mangoes are idiots]" Ghalib replied. "Gadha" also means idiot. Indeed, only idiots will come to Pakistan and not eat mangoes. One of the few good things about touring Pakistan in deadly heat is that it is the mango season. Realise the mangoes here can be better than those in India.”

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